Best CBD Gummies – A Review

Best CBD Gummies

Let’s be clear: CBD gummies rock hard! Those clear, delicious little buggers should be their own food group. And with CBD in them, they’re just magical. But how do you know what the best CBD gummies are?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing CBD gummies. If you’re vegan, you have to make sure they don’t contain gelatin. If you’re allergic to some of the ingredients, you need to find another brand.

To make it easier, we’re comparing several of the top CBD gummy brands so you don’t have to research them, buy the ones that fit your lifestyle, and then choose the ones you like best. That can get expensive! Let The CBD Report save you some buckeroos!

Green Roads

Green Roads has delicious 10mg and 25mg gummies. You can get single packs to sample (which admittedly are a little pricey) or 30-count packs. They also offer a CBD/CBN gummy for sleep support.


3chi offers only Delta8 TCH gummies. You can order online but they will only be able to ship to states where Delta8 is legal.* That said, if you don’t know what Delta 8 is, check in at The CBD Report often to find out more. We’ll be publishing info on this amazing cannabinoid very soon. For now, we’re comparing them to help condense the information for people living in Delta8-legal states.

Savage CBD Gummies

This is the only CBD company that uses full spectrum. Due to state regulations they do not ship to California, Washington, Idaho, or South Dakota, but we’re reviewing them because Savage gummies are 50mg each and they offer you a good subscription discount when you click on our link. Use the code HUBBUB.

Just CBD

They offer the largest flavor variety and also have a sugar-free option and a vegan option (although the sugar-free and vegan are two different formulations). These are made with CBD isolate, which means that it’s not full- or broad-spectrum, but they will be fast-acting and the CBD is tasteless—this makes them perfect for immediate support.


They offer both broad-spectrum and isolate gummies, and have started offering Delta8 as well. They are also offering you a 15% off when you click on our link and use the code FXSAVINGS.

Koi CBD Gummies

One of the leading names in CBD, their gummies are made with high quality broad-spectrum CBD (but a limited number of flavors). They cost a little bit more, but they are known for high quality. They also offer you a 15% discount when you click on our link and use the code HUBBUB1.


One of the best things about Fab CBD is the prices. They’re quite reasonable and the quality is quite good. They  are one of the only ones that offer a 2400mg tincture. Their gummies are vegan with additional vitamins and botanicals.

As you look through the following chart, remember that more checkmarks doesn’t necessarily mean they have the best gummies for you. Also, remember that the prices are per milligram, not the whole container—this is how you should be doing your price comparisons so that you can make the best decision for your finances. To do it yourself, divide the total dollars by the number of milligrams in the container.

Don’t want to bother? Email and she’ll do the math for you!





Type of CBD

Full Spectrum

Broad Spectrum


Delta 8

Other Cannabi-noids

Vitamins and Botanicals













*Non-legal states for Delta8: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah.


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